Plumbing Services



Hot Water Systems

Oh no, no hot water!

We can quickly supply and install a replacement hot water service.

Check to see if your hot water service has a water leak. If this is the case you need a new service. If this is not the case, either the thermostat or element has failed. Our team can advise on this.



Installation of New Fixtures

Need to replace a vanity, bath, toilet or taps?

Tallai Plumbing install all types of fixtures.

Maybe you have a broken vanity or a leaking toilet or simply want to spruce up your bathroom with some new fixtures. Our team are available to help.



Toilet & Cistern Repairs and Replacements

Is your toilet blocked or constantly running?

Tallai plumbing are specialists in repairing, unblocking and installing new toilets.

Is your toilet constantly running, wasting water and costing you money? It is usually easily fixed by replacing the cistern inlet valve or plunger mechanism. If the cistern is old, it may need replacing.

If your toilet is blocked, have no fear: we deal with these all the time and will have you back in business before you know it.



Stormwater Problems

Do you have problems with blocked downpipes, gutters and underground storm water lines or maybe over ground stormwater runoff? Our experienced team are ready to help.

Blocked downpipes and gutters: We can clean these out and advise on any repairs that may be needed.

If you have a blocked stormwater line we can clear it quickly and efficiently with our high pressure jet rodding machine and follow up with an inspection of the line with our camera. A blockage in the line may be the first sign of an underlying problem such as a brake or crack allowing tree roots to invade. We can recommend a course of action if this is found.

If the overground stormwater is your problem, we can advise on solutions for this without causing any neighbours a problem.



Leaking Taps

Just changing the washers isn’t the answer. Where the washer lays needs reseating and the “O” rings and washers replace.

Shower, bath, basin, kitchen, laundry and garden taps, we fix them all.

Most of the time it is possible to fix a leaking tap, although sometimes they are not so repair friendly and need to be replaced. Our work vehicles are fully stocked with spare parts and replacement taps so we can have them fixed fast.




Our Promise to You

With Tallai Plumbing you can rest assure that all our plumbers have many years of experience and really know what they are doing. We are committed to our customer service and if we can’t find a solution to your plumbing needs, we won’t charge you.  Our team are friendly, professional, courteous and reliable.  We only use the best of materials and ensure our work is always of the highest standard.

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