Water Leaks

Sometimes the first time you know you have a water leak is when you receive an excess water notice!

Water leaks can occur inside the home or outside in pipes under the ground. Signs of internal water leaks include dampness & mould, paint bubbling or expanding timber and plasterboard. Evidence of an underground broken pipe may be a wet or green patch in the lawn or plants doing particularly well in one area. We can have your leak located and repaired with as little disturbance as possible.



Our Promise to You

With Tallai Plumbing you can rest assure that all our plumbers have many years of experience and really know what they are doing. We are committed to our customer service and if we can’t find a solution to your plumbing needs, we won’t charge you.  Our team are friendly, professional, courteous and reliable.  We only use the best of materials and ensure our work is always of the highest standard.

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